Learning to Play an Instrument

Today there are far more places where you can learn to play a musical instrument than there ever has been in the past. The reason for this is that throughout the world there is an increase in the number of private music schools where both adults and children can learn a variety of musical instruments. Today you can learn guitar in Singapore or learn piano in Oslo or an assortment of other musical instruments almost anywhere you are in the world.

The increase in the number of private music schools is perhaps mainly due to regular schools deleting music classes from their curriculums to make way for more technology-based subjects. To some, this does, of course, make sense as today we all live in a very technology-based environment but to others, it is a mistake to drop music classes as they play a major role in many children’s overall knowledge. The reason people say this is because it has recently been shown that students who study music gain other qualities by doing so. Some of those qualities include the ability to read and understand better. Learning music helps to improve concentration and memory as well as stimulating the part of the brain which is used for math. These benefits were shown after studies showed that children who learned music would more likely receive higher SAT results than children who didn’t.

It was already known that if a child learns a musical instrument, their confidence improves and they tend to also improve their social skills. When all of these advantages or benefits of learning music are added up, it would seem inappropriate to cut the classes in music to make way for technology-based subjects as the students may not be able to understand the new subjects as well without the benefits music classes offer.

It is true that today there are more technology-based jobs than there are music jobs but not everyone who learns an instrument expects to find a job in an orchestra or band, many wish to learn music simply for the pleasure they receive from doing so and the relaxation it can afford them once they can play. Most musicians will of course though at some point, play in front of an audience but that audience may not be in the numbers of a rock festival as often the audiences consist only of family and friends but are appreciated none the less.

The benefits of learning music, especially an instrument are not just limited to children as adults can also benefit from music lessons. Today there seems to be an increase in the number of adults who opt to learn to play an instrument and they also reap the benefits of more confidence and better concentration which can help them in their already chosen career. Music is almost essential for human relaxation and so the increase in the number of schools can benefit us all, ensuring that, even if children do not learn music at high school, there will always be someone who can create new music to meet our needs.

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